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weigh bridge sentence in Hindi

• तुला चौकी
• तुला-चौकी
• तोल-पटल
• तोलन पट्‍ट
• धर्म काँटा
• धर्मकाँटा
• धर्मकांटा
• भार मापन सेतु
• वे ब्रिज
• वे-ब्रिज
weigh:    वजन होना तोल भार
bridge:    चबूतरा बायें हाथ
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  1. One of the sidings consisted of a weigh bridge.
  2. : Barth missed the weigh bridge after qualifying and had his times from Q1 removed.
  3. A signal box, one siding goods yard and weigh bridge were all found near the site.
  4. The overloaded truck, reportedly from Congo, had avoided a weigh bridge and was not checked by officials.
  5. The meeting decided to set up weigh bridge to check carrying excess goods on trucks on Aricha-Nagarbari ferries.
  6. The station boasted limited goods facilities, with a cattle dock and weigh bridge provided for the mainly agricultural traffic.
  7. These include scintillation counters designed for freight terminals, border security, ports, weigh bridge applications, scrap metal yards and contamination monitoring of nuclear waste.
  8. Carlos Sainz, Jr ., who had qualified in eighth position, was adjudged to have missed a call to go to the weigh bridge during the first part of qualifying.
  9. To that end, they have injected some of the penguins with bar-coded tags and set up a " weigh bridge " that records the birds'identities and weights as they come and go in and out of the water.
  10. A modest goods yard with a goods shed, weigh bridge and coal store were provided on the east side of the station, with train and shunting movements controlled from a signal box a little to the south of station on the west side of the main running lines.
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