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  1. In that case, the network could keep offering such waxwork portraits.
  2. Waxworks is dedicated mostly to the making of decorative and aromatic candles.
  3. The town where they work at Jarley's Waxworks is Warwick.
  4. In 1929 the Louis Tussaud's Waxworks opened on Central Promenade.
  5. Staring at the shapeless features, Puppis imagines a waxwork of himself.
  6. The casts themselves have survived allowing the historical waxworks to be remade.
  7. The attraction opened in 2011, replacing the previous Louis Tussauds waxworks.
  8. Unlike many waxworks, this one is notable for its often uncanny likenesses.
  9. Included in the display are waxwork demons and hobgoblins from ancient Malay legends.
  10. He is setting up the'Waxwork'television show at Bold films.
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