warier meaning in Hindi

warier sentence in Hindi
• खबरदार
• चौकन्ना
• चौकस
• सावधान
• होशियार
• ख़बरदार
• सजग
• एहतियाती
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  1. Indeed, many have recently become warier of joining the club.
  2. Miller, Elzy and Wideman are wiser _ and warier _ now.
  3. Q : Did it make you any warier about joint public appearances?
  4. But by Wednesday, coverage had turned considerably warier.
  5. But clearly a segment of the prospective audience is now warier of network programs.
  6. The questions may have made us all warier.
  7. Bitterns tend to be shorter necked and warier.
  8. "He may be warier, but he hasn't changed ."
  9. Virtually all the survivors are warier.
  10. Ordinary people are warier of the far-right conspiracy rantings about a New World Order.
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