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• वेक फील्ड
wake:    वेक जागरण परिणाम
field:    खेल का मैदान इलाका
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  1. Trailing behind it is an energy wave called a " wake field ."
  2. The wake field captures electrons from the gas and surfs them up to energies of millions of electron-volts.
  3. Then he conducted simulations of simple wake field profiles in order to test the accuracy of the model.
  4. In this way, loose electrons are given a preliminary boost to facilitate their capture and acceleration by the wake field.
  5. Conservation of linear momentum relates the induced velocity downstream in the far wake field to the rotor thrust per unit of mass flow.
  6. In reality, however, small airflow velocity perturbations are caused by small vertical motions of the blades, resulting in variations in the induced wake field and airflow velocities.
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