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• तरंग-पट्टी
wake:    वेक जागरण परिणाम
board:    मंडल बराबर आना
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  1. He also has played a role in turning the Wake board into a partisan battleground in an effort to advance GOP fortunes ."
  2. Two weeks ago, the small band of buddies who ride Greenwood Lake's sparkling water here on wake boards suited up for costume day.
  3. AVS has been with the X-Games from the start, figuring out ways to attach cameras to the bottom of skateboards, wake boards and snowboards.
  4. They soon bought a boat, and Glick borrowed a wet suit from Fitzgerald that first day to learn how to ride the water on a wake board.
  5. Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, there were many water ski and wake board tournaments held on the lake's Winston Creek arm where the Lake Mayfield Resort is located.
  6. Glenn Lazzaro, who directs films and commercials, works mornings in NoHo, then drives to Harriman State Park in Rockland County to ride a wake board, a type of surfboard, on a lake, or to ride a mountain bike on his lunch hour.
  7. Little Elm has more miles of shoreline ( 66 miles ) than any city in DFW . Lakeside amenities off Eldorado Parkway include a cable wake board park, a boat ramp, a massive swim beach, a marina, an amphitheater on the water, and many miles of trail.
  8. Beard Park, located at the intersection of Main Street and Eldorado Parkway, is home to the Hydrous wake board park, the Taphouse beer garden, Hula Hut, future trails, future historic village, and is the future home of Little Elm's Farmers Market, which is currently set up in the Hobby Lobby shopping center.
  9. The GOs ( Gracious Organizers ), bronzed young men and women who run the resort's activities, consistently offered skillful, safety-conscious training, and the equipment was modern and in pristine condition . ( Cancun's water-ski dock was typical : As well as beginner skis, it offered thinner trick sets and snowboardlike wake boards .)
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