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• वाकाण्डा
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  1. The original shield still resides in Wakanda as a national treasure.
  2. Storm leaves her homeland of Wakanda to visit the X-Men.
  3. After the death of Sue Richards before returning to Wakanda.
  4. Meanwhile, Magneto informs Cyclops of Namor's assault on Wakanda.
  5. He was part of a meeting at the White House about Wakanda.
  6. Afterward, Killmonger resurfaces with a plot to destroy Wakanda's economy.
  7. When the Future Foundation visit Africa, one of their visits is Wakanda.
  8. The company Wakanda SAS was created in December 2014.
  9. Everett and T'Challa faced multiple threats to Wakanda's sovereignty.
  10. T'Challa and Namor perished when Wakanda and Atlantis were attacked by Apocalypse.
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