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  1. Doctors have frequently pressed bystanders in the waiting room into being interpreters.
  2. Behind the polite banter in the waiting room is stress and uncertainty.
  3. Public hospitals are little more than waiting rooms for their private activities.
  4. The neighbor takes my dad into the waiting room down the hall.
  5. Victims can feel increasingly vulnerable amid a waiting room full of strangers.
  6. The locker room looked like the waiting room of a dandruff clinic.
  7. Its pale green waiting rooms overflow with people waiting quietly for help.
  8. And who will be sitting across from me in the waiting room?
  9. Special waiting rooms were provided for the dukes and their guests.
  10. Sanchez died as her children sat in a waiting room outside.
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  1. a room (as in a hotel or airport) with seating where people can wait

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