vital statistics meaning in Hindi

vital statistics sentence in Hindi
जीवन-संबंधी आँकड़े

जन्म-मरण आंकडे
जन्म-मरण सांख्यिकी
जन्म-मृत्यु सांख्यिकी
जीवन संबंधी आँकडे
जीवन संबंधी आंकडे
जीवन सांख्यिकी
ट्रेड प्राप्तांक
देह मापांक
vital:    उपजीव संबंधी जीव
statistics:    सांख्यिकी आँकड़ा
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  1. In Texas, birth records are available from the Bureau of Vital Statistics.
  2. Undertaker Golgotha Gingham doubles as the provincially appointed collector of vital statistics.
  3. These records are the main source of vital statistics concerning Civil Status.
  4. The vital statistics : 271 pages, $ 22 . 95, Masters Press.
  5. Q : What are the vital statistics of the Statue of Liberty?
  6. Vital statistics of that year depict a world inherently hostile to humans:
  7. The flier also carries Tai's vital statistics, written in black magic marker.
  8. With ARMENIA-BOX-- RAZDAN, Armenia-- Vital statistics on Armenia . ( Holmes ).
  9. Lastly, most town articles list some vital statistics like a population figure.
  10. Vital Statistics officials say they plan to update their Death System more quickly.


  1. data relating to births and deaths and health and diseases and marriages

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