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  1. Damage to the visceral pleura is experienced as an un-localized ache.
  2. The visceral pleura receives its blood supply from the bronchial circulation, which also supplies the lungs.
  3. The pleural and pericardial cavities are exaggerated since normally there is no space between parietal and visceral pleura and between pericardium and heart.
  4. The inner ( visceral pleura ) covers the lungs and the outer ( parietal pleura ) lines the inner surface of the chest wall.
  5. Unlike the nerves from the autonomic nervous system that innervate the visceral pleura of the thoracic cavity, the intercostal nerves arise from the somatic nervous system.
  6. The lung is surrounded by a serous membrane of visceral pleura, which has an underlying layer of loose connective tissue attached to the substance of the lung.
  7. The pleurae are two serous membranes; the outer parietal pleura lines the inner wall of the rib cage and the inner visceral pleura directly lines the surface of the lungs.
  8. On each side of the cavity, a pleural membrane covers the surface of lung ( visceral pleura ) and also lines the inside of the chest wall ( parietal pleura ).
  9. "Seashore sign " is another eFAST finding usually in the lungs in the M-mode that depicts the glandular echogenicity of the lung abutted by the linear appearance of the visceral pleura.


  1. pleura that covers the lungs

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