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  1. Vincamone is a vinca alkaloid and a metabolite of vincamine.
  2. In contrast to colchine, vinca alkaloids bind to the microtubule directly.
  3. L . ) . these are called vinca alkaloids.
  4. The original vinca alkaloids are completely natural chemicals that include vincristine and vinblastine.
  5. The vinca alkaloids and anthracyclines have been used most commonly in ECD treatment.
  6. Vinca alkaloids are used in chemotherapy for cancer.
  7. This is because vinca alkaloids are rapidly deactivated in myeloid cells by their enzyme myeloperoxidase.
  8. Minor vinca alkaloids include minovincine, methoxyminovincine, minovincinine, vincadifformine, desoxyvincaminol, and vincamajine.
  9. Vinca alkaloids are now produced synthetically and used as drugs in cancer therapy and as immunosuppressive drugs.
  10. For example, the vinca alkaloids and taxanes selectively bind and inhibit microtubules, leading to cell cycle arrest.

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