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विडियो बैंड चौडाई
वीडियो बैंड चौडाई
video:    टेलिविजन वीडियो
bandwidth:    बेंड चौड़ाई आवेष्ट
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  1. Dual-link DVI doubles the number of TMDS pairs, effectively doubling the video bandwidth.
  2. Sufficient video bandwidth was provided to allow for rapid framing sequences of both narrow-and wide-angle television pictures.
  3. Sufficient video bandwidth was provided to allow for rapid framing sequences of both narrow and wide-angle television pictures.
  4. In particular, frame size was set to 625 lines, frame rate to 25 frames / s interlaced, and video bandwidth to 6 MHz.
  5. However, S-VHS cassettes also contain a higher grade and coercivity of tape stock to effectively record the higher video bandwidth offered by S-VHS.
  6. In practice a technique called vestigial sideband is used to reduce the channel spacing, which would be nearly twice the video bandwidth if pure AM was used.
  7. While this format is more efficient in terms of conserving video bandwidth, it only allows half of the lines to be viewed on the screen at any instant.
  8. The " Medium " configuration doubles the video bandwidth, adding 24 bits of data and the same 4 framing / enable bits present in the " Base " configuration.
  9. On the SECAM L system, the NICAM sound carrier is at 5.85 MHz, before the AM sound carrier, and the video bandwidth is reduced from 6.5 MHz to 5.5 MHz.
  10. While some CRT-based displays may use astigmatic effects in the display corners, the color phosphor pitch shadow mask ( such as Trinitron ) in color displays, and the video bandwidth.
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