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वीडियो प्रवद्धर्क
वीडियो प्रवर्धक
video:    टेलिविजन वीडियो
amplifier:    ऐम्प्लीफायर
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  1. The fluctuating voltage coupled out to a video amplifier can be used to reproduce the scene being imaged.
  2. Often, installations with many servers therefore use keyboard / video multiplexers ( KVM switches ) and possibly video amplifiers to centralize console access.
  3. Baird achieved this, where other inventors had failed, by obtaining a better photoelectric cell and improving the signal conditioning from the photocell and the video amplifier.
  4. The signal is then immediately amplified to remove the danger of contamination by signal noise, and then a compensation of the 6 dB / oct slope is done by derivator element on the programming pins of an NE592 video amplifier.
  5. "' Amplifiers "'includes precision and operational amplifiers, instrumentation, current sense, differential amplifiers, audio amplifiers, video amplifiers / buffers / filters, variable gain amplifiers, comparators, voltage, other specialty amplifiers and products for special linear functions.

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