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vide supra sentence in Hindi

पूर्वलिखित देखिए
vide:    देखिए देखें
supra:    ऊपर पहले पूर्व बड़ा
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  1. Silver nanocubes can be synthesized using ethylene glycol as a reducing agent and PVP as a capping agent, in a polyol synthesis reaction ( vide supra ).
  2. This litany has often been confused with the " litania major ", introduced at Rome in 598 ( vide supra ), but is quite distinct from it.
  3. In contrast, two-step sequence via a borane ( " vide supra " ) that is subsequently oxidized to the alcohol with hydrogen peroxide is of synthetic utility.
  4. The British producer Betty Evelyn Box, when looking for the female lead for " The Wind Cannot Read " ( " vide supra " ), wrote:
  5. The "'only exception "'is the lingering issue ( " vide supra " ) of the checkuser on the 5 accounts that were considered suspicious by some editors.
  6. Two other conditions may also be postulated : one is always the elimination of the aberration on the axis; the second either the " Herschel " or " Fraunhofer Condition, " the latter being the best vide supra, " Monochromatic Aberration " ).
  7. In most cases, two thin lenses are combined, one of which has just so strong a positive aberration ( " under-correction, " vide supra ) as the other a negative; the first must be a positive lens and the second a negative lens; the powers, however : may differ, so that the desired effect of the lens is maintained.
  8. The area under the curves of the absorption peaks for these two states are going to be proportional to the fraction of HS and LS states in the sample . "'Figure 7 "'shows a plot of the area under the curves of the absorption peaks as a function of temperature for the same iron cluster ( vide supra ), showing a large hysteresis loop.
  9. For infinitely distant objects the radius Of the chromatic disk of confusion is proportional to the linear aperture, and independent of the focal length ( " vide supra ", " Monochromatic Aberration of the Axis Point " ); and since this disk becomes the less harmful with an increasing image of a given object, or with increasing focal length, it follows that the deterioration of the image is proportional to the ratio of the aperture to the focal length, i . e . the " relative aperture . " ( This explains the gigantic focal lengths in vogue before the discovery of achromatism .)
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