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  1. Victoria Lake and her girls sing (  The Fashion Show ).
  2. Germiston High School was founded in 1917, alongside Victoria Lake.
  3. This lake-according to Vannini and others-could only be the Victoria lake, the biggest African lake.
  4. "' Opeongo River Provincial Park "'is a non-operating Madawaska; and the Shall Lake access point, north of Victoria Lake, in Algonquin Provincial Park.
  5. He also hoped to meet the East African expedition led by John Hanning Speke and James Augustus Grant, somewhere about the Victoria Lake.
  6. During the height of Rwanda's civil war last year, thousands of bodies were retrieved from Victoria Lake after floating downstream on Rwanda's main river.
  7. Dozois Reservoir, located about 10 kilometers west of Cabonga Reservoir and about 15 km east of Great Victoria Lake, is fed by the Chochocouane, Capitachouane, and Ottawa Rivers.
  8. We are relatives of one the victims of the above subject . we want to know addresses and phone numbers of nearby clinics, hospitals and nursning homes near victoria lake . if possible the numbers of the local authorities involved in rescue operation, as after 9 days some of the bodies are still not found.
  9. A bust of Kaiser Wilhelm I of Germany, set up in Victoria Park long before the war, was thrown into Victoria Lake in August 1914 ( the main lake in the park ), and then vanished forever on February 15, 1916, after the 118th Battalion broke into the Concordia club, taking the statue with them.
  10. They include : Benedictine District, Bunn Park, the Cabbage Patch, Downtown, Eastsview, Enos Park, Glen Aire, Harvard Park, Hawthorne Place, Historic West Side, Laketown, Lincoln Park, Mather and Wells, Medical District, Near South, Northgate, Oak Ridge, Old Aristocracy Hill, Pillsbury District, Shalom, Springfield Lakeshore, Toronto, Twin Lakes, UIS Campus, Victoria Lake, Vinegar Hill, and Westchester neighborhoods.

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