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  1. The series is also officially available online, via media partners, on YouTube.
  2. He has also condemned the move via media advocacy.
  3. The information is publicly available and " de facto " retrievable forever via media archives.
  4. The performance can be live or via media; the performer can be present or absent.
  5. "Via media " is a Latin phrase meaning " middle way . " _ __
  6. His aim, however, had been to find a " via media " between old and new.
  7. RadioIO s internet radio service can be found at its website or via media streaming devices.
  8. Here are some examples of coverage via media.
  9. The groups affiliated with the armed TTP vowed, via media, to avenge Osama's death upon the Pakistan Armed Forces.
  10. The Alpha Program and Via Media have been offered to strengthen the faith of the people of the congregation.


  1. a middle way between two extremes

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