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ऊर्ध्वाधर त्वरण
vertical:    लंब लम्बमान
acceleration:    तेज़ी त्वरण
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  1. To achieve low orbit requires much more horizontal than vertical acceleration.
  2. As well as pitch, roll and yaw rates, barometric pressure and vertical acceleration.
  3. The plane impacted with a vertical acceleration force of 14.7-g.
  4. The vertical acceleration was far greater than the horizontal acceleration.
  5. The vertical acceleration on landing was measured at 5 g.
  6. AtmosFEAR creates freefall speeds of 50 mph with a vertical acceleration upwards of three G's.
  7. Suppose a water column is in buoyant restoring force results in a vertical acceleration, given by
  8. The vertical accelerations ranged from a positive 4.3 Gs to a negative 1.9 Gs, the board said.
  9. The most basic parameters measure such factors as the plane's heading, air speed, vertical acceleration and engine function.
  10. But the flight data recorder subsequently revealed that the Comair jet experienced significant vertical accelerations during the turbulence.
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