verifier meaning in Hindi

[ 'verifaiə ] sound:
verifier sentence in Hindi
• प्रमाणक
• सत्यापक

• जा¡चकर्ता
• वेरीफायर
• सत्यापनकर्ता
• सत्यापित्र
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  1. _The OSCE verifiers mission has a mandate of one year.
  2. There have already been recruitments of about 1, 500 verifiers.
  3. He said OSCE peace verifiers were trying to negotiate their release.
  4. Currently, only about 800 verifiers are on the ground there.
  5. To show this, first suppose we have a deterministic verifier.
  6. The later IBM 129 keypunch also could operate as a verifier.
  7. A list of accredited verifiers is also provided at the site.
  8. -- The OSCE verifiers mission has a mandate of one year.
  9. The Yugoslavs claim the noises the verifiers heard were three vehicle backfires.
  10. We do want not weapons pointed at our vehicles and our verifiers.
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  1. someone who vouches for another or for the correctness of a statement

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