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शिरा रक्त

सिरागत रक्त
venous:    शिरा शिरापरक
blood:    स्वभाव ख़ून
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  1. The saturation of mixed venous blood is approximately 75 % in health.
  2. Lower was the first to observe the difference in arterial and venous blood.
  3. The intermittent compressions of the sleeves will ensure the movement of venous blood.
  4. The heart acts to pump blood through arteries and uptake the venous blood.
  5. These provide arterial blood to the retina and drain venous blood.
  6. Cooled venous blood then returns to the body's core and counteracts rising core temperatures.
  7. Another possible explanation is that there is an increase in local venous blood volume.
  8. While the terms generally apply to venous blood exiting the kidneys per unit time.
  9. In practice, sampling of peripheral arterial blood is a surrogate for pulmonary venous blood.
  10. If more oxygen is added, the partial pressure of oxygen in the venous blood rises.
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  1. blood found in the veins; "except in the pulmonary vein venous blood is rich in carbon dioxide and poor in oxygen"

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