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  1. He emerges in a navy velour bathrobe with an embroidered crest.
  2. Norah Jones stepped into a pair of brown pinstriped velour flares.
  3. Worst trends : The velour athletic suits have got to go.
  4. Others wore velour pants and breast plates decorated with plastic feathers.
  5. This included velour seating and color coordinated sill to sill carpeting.
  6. The interior plush velour upholstery was camel with dark brown piping.
  7. It was released in April 4, 2006 on Velour Recordings.
  8. This version featured a black velour upholstery and two outside mirrors.
  9. In 2015, Pants Velour performed at Pianos ( club ).
  10. Think Run DMC in their velour warm-up suits.


  1. heavy fabric that resembles velvet

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