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vein:    नस नाड़ी पर्शुका
quartz:    स्फटिक बिलौर एक
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  1. Rock found on the dumps in 1934 included " sugar " vein quartz.
  2. There was an abundance of vein quartz, even if found in small forms like pebbles.
  3. The mill ground vein quartz into different sizes used in the manufacture of porcelain dishes or pottery.
  4. The stone tools are made of siliceous limestone, while the hammer stones and scrapers are made of vein quartz.
  5. As well as cryptocrystalline quartz, macrocrystalline quartz ( both vein quartz and rock crystal ) was a commonly used raw material around the globe.
  6. This conglomerate consists of pebbles and cobbles of white vein quartz, red and green quartzite, sandstone, red and gray chert, and red shale.
  7. The basal rocks of the Minfordd Formation contain clasts of granite, vein quartz, quartzitic sandstone, quartzose schists and were thought to be Cambrian basal conglomerate.
  8. "' Pyrites Island "'is the largest of three small islands lying northeast of Gam Point and forming the east side of Esther Harbor, off the north coast of David Ferguson, who reported they were composed of pyrites and vein quartz.
  9. Some of the exotic materials included : cryptocrystalline quartz, blue-green nodular chert, Dover chert, novaculite, quartz, vein quartz, chalcedony, Horse Mountain agate, sandstone, hematite, steatite, slate, green slate, banded slate and igneous rock.
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