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  1. Diseases associated with this genus include : plants : chlorotic vein clearing, leaf malformation.
  2. There is currently only one species in this genus : the type species Petunia vein clearing virus.
  3. Symptoms reported included mosaic, vein clearing or banding, necrotic / chorotic line patterns and stunting.
  4. There are currently only two species in this genus, including the type species Tobacco vein clearing virus.
  5. Symptoms of BiMoV in various hosts have been described as mild to severe mottling, slight to severe leaf distortion, vein clearing and stunting.
  6. Infections with PVCV may generally be asymptomatic under favorable growing conditions, though active infections may cause vein clearing or yellowing of leaves ( chlorosis ).
  7. Characteristic symptoms specific to the carrot include initial vein clearing and chlorosis, followed by production of many adventitious shoots, with the tops looking like a witches-broom.
  8. Although they do not regularly integrate into the host genome, sequences from certain caulimoviruses, such as Petunia vein clearing virus and Banana streak virus have been found in host genomes.
  9. Ring spots are circular masses of chlorosis with a green center . "'Vein clearing "'and "'vein banding "'are yet other common color changes on leaves.
  10. They include vein clearing until the entire leaf becomes chlorotic, stunting, deformation, virescence ( greening of flowers ), phyllody ( development of leaf-like flower petals ), reddening of foliage, reduced root system, and sterility.

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