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  1. LEARNING TO COOK : Vegetable Soup's On In 30 Minutes or Less
  2. Or vegetable soup, or chili, or cheesecake, or spaghetti sauce, or lasagna.
  3. What struck me most was that minestrone was my grandmother's vegetable soup.
  4. A better-than-acceptable shortcut, like a mixed vegetable soup, with no off flavors.
  5. What does your company want : a melting pot or vegetable soup?
  6. Yet it's the only vegetable soup many of us encountered in childhood.
  7. I use basic techniques that will work for any vegetable soup.
  8. At Daniel, Daniel Boulud uses bacon fat to flavor vegetable soup.
  9. The Kusksu is a vegetable soup primarily containing fava beans and pasta beads.
  10. Try today's recipe for Simple Vegetable Soup and you'll see what I mean.


  1. soup made with a variety of vegetables

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