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vector:    वेक्टर निश्चित
addition:    अनुवृद्धि आधिक्य
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  1. Vector addition and scalar multiplication are defined in the obvious manner.
  2. This discrete set of vectors must be closed under vector addition and subtraction.
  3. Thus we have shown the reciprocal lattice is closed under vector addition and subtraction.
  4. For instance, it is clear the dot and cross products are distributive over vector addition:
  5. The desired heading was then fed into a vector addition with the instinctive obstacle avoidance layer.
  6. Euclidean transformations can be described by vector addition and rotor multiplication for translations and rotations respectively.
  7. The vector addition of the individual bond dipole moments results in a net dipole moment for the molecule.
  8. The translation group acting on the Hilbert space of position eigenstates is vector additions in the Euclidean space.
  9. The first four axioms are those of " V " being an abelian group under vector addition.
  10. The addition here is the vector addition of vector algebra and the resulting velocity is usually represented in the form
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