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  1. They include Molecular Beam Epitaxy and Metal Organic Vapour Phase Epitaxy.
  2. In the vapour phase, beryllium oxide is present as discrete diatomic molecules.
  3. Latent magmatic heat can also cause meteoric waters to ascend as a vapour phase.
  4. In 1900, Baker showed the presence of HgCl dimers in the vapour phase.
  5. Results on vapour phase dechlorination of zirconium presented by Brahm Prakash at the conference was acclaimed for its originality.
  6. Confirmation by low pressure vapour phase chromatography combined with mass spectrometry ( GC / MS ) should clear up the matter.
  7. Therefore, the concentration of alcohol in the vapour phase above the liquid, is higher than in the liquid itself.
  8. Apart from its use as rocket fuel, UDMH is a nitrogen source in metalorganic vapour phase epitaxy thin-film deposition.
  9. A single-step vapour phase reaction at elevated temperature synthesises inorganic nanowires such as Mo 6 S 9-x I x.
  10. Vapour phase injection systems also use a converter, but unlike the mixer system, the gas exits the converter at a regulated pressure.

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