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औचित्य परीक्षण
validation:    प्रमाण प्रमाणीकरण
test:    जांच परख टैस्ट मैच
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  1. The validation test may cycle through all neighboring zones to determine if a successful merge can occur.
  2. Hardware design may be viewed as a'partitioning validation tests of the user's requirements in the as-built system.
  3. The results of this validation test shall form part of the grade a student receives in each subject.
  4. Levels of fatigue collected were also compared with a validation test conducted on multiple sclerosis patients in Switzerland.
  5. Lottery officials said the former Cowboy has not yet claimed his prize but had passed a preliminary validation test.
  6. The association ordered the Steinmetz team to take a " validation test, " or be stripped of its title.
  7. A week later, after refusing to submit to a " validation test, " the team was stripped of its title.
  8. They asked Steinmetz to take a " validation test, " then stripped the team of its title when members refused.
  9. In addition, performance validation tests were conducted in the presence of IH personnel and "'certified by an independent expert . "'
  10. It has since completed the airspeed calibration, natural icing, engine nacelle anti-icing, crosswind validation tests and is preparing for a stall flight test.
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