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  1. Is it increasing the vacuum pressure hence decreasing the quality of it ??
  2. The equipment operated under vacuum pressures, so plumbing had to be air tight.
  3. The situation changes when extreme vacuum pressures are measured; absolute pressures are typically used instead.
  4. The vacuum pressure and speed are adjusted depending on the sensitivity and tolerance of the skin.
  5. It is used for testing spacecraft in space-like conditions of extreme cold, near-vacuum pressure, and high radiation.
  6. Air pressure pushed him into the pipe, rather than " vacuum pressure " pulling him into the pipe.
  7. Ionic liquids in liquid-ring vacuum pumps can lower the vacuum pressure from about 70 mbar to below 1 mbar.
  8. The surface of the skin is strongly sucked by the vacuum pressure in the cup, opening capillary vessels and pores.
  9. The most simple  Leak isolation method involves monitoring the vacuum pressure level to determine if there are air leaks.
  10. This phenomenon being known as the Torricelli vacuum and the unit of vacuum pressure, the torr, being named after him.
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