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  1. It is capable of vacuum polarization.
  2. To lowest order \ alpha, virtual pair production generates a vacuum polarization and magnetization given by:
  3. The pointlike electron would have a diverging electromagnetic field, which should create a strong vacuum polarization.
  4. They also introduced the Euler Heisenberg Lagrangian that laid the basis for the quantitative treatment of vacuum polarization.
  5. PVLAS is searching for vacuum polarization of laser beams crossing magnetic fields to detect effects from axion dark matter.
  6. Examples include extremely strong fields ( see Euler Heisenberg Lagrangian ) and extremely short distances ( see vacuum polarization ).
  7. Thus the vacuum polarization depends on the momentum transfer, or in other words, the dielectric constant is scale dependent.
  8. where \ Pi ^ { \ prime } denotes the derivative of the vacuum polarization function with respect to q 2.
  9. In experimental physics, he has worked on a precision measurement of vacuum polarization in muonic atoms to test quantum electrodynamics.
  10. This reorientation of the short-lived particle-antiparticle pairs is referred to as "'vacuum polarization " '.
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