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  1. Which reminded Mary Jane La Vache of some unfinished business.
  2. Vache complied, and lived the rest of his life in solitude.
  3. "Or do you want our shrimp ` petite vache'?"
  4. Vache has been charged with second-degree murder and five counts of assault.
  5. After the death of Vache, Albania remained without a king for thirty years.
  6. Another airport project is also planned for the neighbouring island of Ile a Vache.
  7. "We had a beautiful time, " recalled Mary Jane La Vache.
  8. After the death of King Vache, Albania remained without a king for thirty years.
  9. Vache is an Armenian name and we know that many Albanian Kings had Armenian genealogy.
  10. He was probably the son of Vologases VI . He was followed by Vache I.
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