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  1. The Citizens National Bank moved into the vacated offices and operated for six years.
  2. It occupied two floors of a vacated office building in Patent and Trademark Office.
  3. People forced to vacate offices close to the trade center are returning, even now.
  4. Three large posters, looking like tote boards, listed the room numbers of vacated offices.
  5. If the recall passes, the mayor immediately vacates office.
  6. Businessmen do frequent the store, checking its shelves for discount cell phones and recently vacated office chairs.
  7. If an incumbent First Minister is defeated in a general election, they do not immediately vacate office.
  8. Federal judges vacate office only upon death, resignation, or Congress; only 13 federal judges have ever been impeached.
  9. A : The 25th Amendment to the Constitution outlines the procedure to fill the vacated office of vice president.
  10. While 25 Republicans are vacating office, either to retire or run for higher office, only 10 Democrats are doing so.

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