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  1. Of course, we didn't think we were uptight.
  2. We were struck by how uptight our culture was in comparison.
  3. "He's not uptight about anything,"
  4. It is hard to get too uptight about the bond market.
  5. There was nothing uptight about the Pacers as this game began.
  6. People think that we are uptight about Sally Hemings or slavery,
  7. Her beguiling kookiness was the perfect foil for his uptight neuroses.
  8. I didn't want an uptight English sitting room here.
  9. Goldberg has just recently reunited with her uptight daughter Lanai Chapman.
  10. Uptight and devoted to Martin, she could use a makeover.
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  1. being in a tense state
    synonyms:, , , , , , ,

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