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• व्यापक
• अविशिष्ट
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  1. The GAO last month criticized the draft as too unspecific.
  2. Though unspecific, there were reports of considerable damage in the country.
  3. Symptoms attributed to the Chinese restaurant syndrome are rather common and unspecific.
  4. Unfortunately these symptoms are unspecific and may point to many different conditions.
  5. Bush made favorable, if unspecific comments about a guest-worker program.
  6. We should not lash out in an unspecific way.
  7. Police found an unspecific number of grenades at the apartment, EFE said.
  8. The synthesis in the arc reactor is however unspecific.
  9. Their evidence was simply too vague and unspecific to justify such a finding.
  10. Unspecific claims of policy violations aren't enough.
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  1. not detailed or specific; "a broad rule"; "the broad outlines of the plan"; "felt an unspecific dread"

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