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जौ रहित
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  1. Unmalted barleys and wheats can add extra " body " to a finished beer.
  2. Oats, wheat malt or unmalted barley may also be included in the mash.
  3. The ingredients are water; barley malt; unmalted cereals; hops; and brewers yeast.
  4. Belgian lambic is an unmalted-wheat beer with a sour edge, often tinged with fruit.
  5. A distinctive feature is the burnt flavour which is derived from the use of roasted unmalted barley.
  6. Lambics are sour Belgian unmalted wheat ales traditionally exposed to wild yeast strains and fermented in wine barrels.
  7. "' Flaked barley "'is unmalted, dried barley which has been rolled into flat flakes.
  8. "' Roast barley "'are unmalted barley kernels which have been toasted in an oven until almost black.
  9. Another trend is to use unmalted barley, such as in Sapporo's " Mugi 100 % Nama-shibori ".
  10. Stout : Dark brown like porter, with the classic dry, or Irish, stout bolstered by unmalted barley and bitter-edged from assertive hopping.
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