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  1. The Oberverwaltungsgericht L�neburg dismissed the cases as ungrounded in March 2006.
  2. Therefore, such ungrounded claims should not be taken into account.
  3. An ungrounded three-prong outlet is an accident waiting to happen.
  4. I am not trying to say that all the charges are ungrounded.
  5. The more ungrounded attacks from the president, the more Duma consolidates.
  6. Later Tuesday, Kuchma called Lazarenko's claims ungrounded.
  7. Meehan dismissed the complaints about the First Amendment as ungrounded.
  8. The fears that the Russian defense minister will come to Germany are ungrounded.
  9. If not, that statement is " ungrounded ".
  10. One's search for meaning would be ungrounded.
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