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  1. Whether the latter are given unfeigned credibility is not clear.
  2. "Oh my goodness, " she yelled with unfeigned awe.
  3. Tuesday the quality fighters braced their feet and threw punches with unfeigned malice.
  4. "He's the best guy, " she says, with unfeigned enthusiasm.
  5. A CBC report of Kenojuak's death characterized her as a person of unfeigned humility and simplicity:
  6. Berry's feet landed on virgin soil, and her uncontained, unfeigned emotion was a fitting response.
  7. The Lazios project the air of unfeigned happiness that the Clintons themselves never quite managed even in their best days.
  8. In particular, my bedfellow Mr . Scott is one of unfeigned religion, and a diligent searcher after truth.
  9. The man who will be king of Jordan is a personable career military officer with his father's quick smile and unfeigned modesty.
  10. Year after year, in unfeigned amazement, the Zagat Survey reported an abnormally high number of openings and a low number of closings.
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  1. not pretended; sincerely felt or expressed; "genuine emotion"; "her interest in people was unfeigned"; "true grief"

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