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  1. When he's director, his underlings are his inferiors.
  2. A gangster has his underlings check his car for a bomb.
  3. "God bless America ! " the underling cheered.
  4. "So you've got to slap the underling.
  5. Some of his underlings mistakenly think he's a Quaker.
  6. He eats lunch at his desk, same as his underlings.
  7. Or Saddam's underlings might disobey orders to do so.
  8. He was once an underling of Isdell's at Coke.
  9. Foreign Minister Yohei Kono declined an invitation and sent an underling.
  10. Gotti was heard planning criminal activities and complaining about his underlings.


  1. an assistant subject to the authority or control of another
    synonyms:, ,

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