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• अचेतन स्मृति
unconscious:    अचेतावस्था
memory:    धारणा याद यादगार
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  1. She has written an article, " Unconscious memory formation during anaesthesia ".
  2. But another condition had to be met : There had to be an unconscious memory of the abuse.
  3. The artist places us in private intimate spaces to evoke the unconscious memories and emotions we have with them.
  4. Unconscious memories of infantile sexual abuse was a necessary condition for the development of certain disorders, hysteria in particular.
  5. They hypothesized that theta states allow access to unconscious memories and increase the impact of prepared images or suggestions.
  6. Reflected note, data decoded into the conscious, in no case is it identical to the unreflected in unconscious memory base.
  7. The basal ganglia are also associated with learning, memory, and unconscious memory processes, such as motor skills and implicit memory.
  8. His title uses medical lexicon to refer to history-memory as dependent on working consciously with unconscious memories to revise accounts of history.
  9. The psychological internalization of territorial and dominance experiences in conscious and unconscious memory are established through the formation of social identity, self concept.
  10. The unconscious memory, without our knowing, helps us understand and deal with situations in the present that we have dealt with in the past.
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