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• अनिच्छापूर्वक
• अशोभनीय
• अनिच्छा से
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  1. These veins seldom cause pain, but many women find them uncomely.
  2. No, this was uncomely, and it got there in a hurry.
  3. She is short and stout, but not uncomely.
  4. You become a part of a procedure that might sound a little uncomely to some people.
  5. A long line of broken concrete slabs form an uncomely barrier; a few wind-worn fishing cabins sit back from the shore.
  6. A miniature of Elizabeth Cromwell was painted by miniature painter Samuel Cooper who describes her as " neither uncomely or undignified in person . ".
  7. The City of York maintained an annual Archbishop, who complained of the " undecent and uncomely disguising " which drew multitudes of people from divine service.
  8. The previously dormant Dodgers offense has scored 61 runs in its past eight games, an unlikely turnaround nudged along by five games against the Rockies'uncomely pitching staff.
  9. Other eugenic photographs depicted young women, described in captions on the back of the pictures as " not uncomely but awfully dumb " or " quite a good actor but pretty low grade ."
  10. So then the women that are fair and tall are soon free to depart, but the uncomely have long to wait because they cannot fulfil the law; for some of them remain for three years, or four.
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  1. not in keeping with accepted standards of what is right or proper in polite society; "was buried with indecent haste"; "indecorous behavior"; "language unbecoming to a lady"; "unseemly to use profanity"; "moved to curb their untoward ribaldry"
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