type bar meaning in Hindi

type bar sentence in Hindi

टाइप छड
type:    प्रकार टाइप करना
bar:    छड़ सिटकिनी डंडा
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  1. In his excitement, he jams the type bars of his typewriter.
  2. With type bars and type wheels, changing character sets was impractical.
  3. Each type bar had every character in the available set.
  4. It also featured a saloon-type bar for beverage sales.
  5. There was one type bar for each print column.
  6. Models 402 and 405 used type bars.
  7. Click on the Stop button and select Disable or Manual in the StartUp Type bar, then click on OK.
  8. Or maybe he's looking for a new type bar, a type shuttle, a type wheel or a type cylinder.
  9. This is a Milwaukee-type bar.
  10. Konqueror offers increased loading speed by prefetching domain name data in KHTML . A find-as-you-type bar improves navigation in webpages.
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