turn the knife meaning in Hindi

turn the knife sentence in Hindi
• जले पे नमक छिड़कना
turn:    नेकी बार आश्चर्य
the:    वही यह वह वही वह
knife:    चाकू भोंकना चाकू
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  1. Into that opening stepped this person to turn the knife.
  2. Then turn the knife over and sharpen the second side.
  3. Sadie turns the knife on David and he falls to the floor.
  4. After an intense exchange, Adrian turns the knife on himself and commits suicide.
  5. Turn the knife as necessary to keep the blade facing the direction you're cutting.
  6. It's here that Lee really turns the knife, making it all seem appallingly joyless.
  7. She tries to stab Stevan, but he turns the knife onto herself and she is fatally stabbed.
  8. As the song ends, the narrator turns the knife on judgmental northerners, calling them out as hypocrites.
  9. Bridgeway pulls out a knife and tries to attack Maury, who quickly turns the knife around and stabs Bridgeway to death.
  10. Ross fought the assailant and was stabbed repeatedly before he managed to turn the knife on Nobles, cutting him deeply in the arm.
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