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फेरा अनुपात
turn:    नेकी बार आश्चर्य
ratio:    निस्वत परिमाण भाग
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  1. Rifling follows a 1 : 12 turn ratio with 4 right hand twists.
  2. In principle this can always be done with a transformer, however the turns ratio of a transformer is not adjustable.
  3. Then the turns ratio or impedance ratio of the transformer would have to be such as to somewhat match the coil impedance.
  4. However, they have the disadvantage of requiring the addition of an ideal transformer with a turns ratio equal to the scaling factor.
  5. While ? is dimensionless for usual transformers ( the turns ratio ), it has the dimension charge / length in the case of electromechanical coupling.
  6. The turns ratio will determine how high the induced voltage is, so extreme caution is urged to prevent a dangerous shock from the induced voltage.
  7. The ratio of turns in the secondary winding to the number of turns in the primary winding, is called the " turns ratio ".
  8. The resistance and reactance of the transformer windings and doorbell, as well as the turns ratio will effect the efficiency, output voltage, and output current.
  9. MIL-STD-1553B specifies the transformer characteristics and turns ratio of 1.4 : 1 with the higher turns on the isolation resistor side of the stub.
  10. LTCs and voltage regulators refer to transformers with variable turns ratios that are placed at strategic points in a network and adjusted to raise or lower voltage as is necessary.
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