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• दल त्यागी
• पक्षघाती
• पक्षत्यागी
• परपक्षग्राही
turn:    नेकी बार आश्चर्य
coat:    परत परदा अँगरखा
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  1. His named in the contest was " turn coat dirty ".
  2. Justine is injured by the skinwalker in " Turn Coat " when it invades the Raith mansion.
  3. In " Turn Coat ", Kirby and Andi were looking for the skinwalker that had spooked Harry.
  4. During the raid, Commander Foxx turns coat and murders Pork, and Beaver and Stinger are able to escape with Jackie.
  5. In " Turn Coat ", Harry returns to Demonreach to prepare himself for a dangerous battle with the Skinwalker.
  6. In " Turn Coat " the secretary of the White Council, Samuel Peabody, is exposed as a traitor.
  7. Yet it became clear later in the day that Haq was also trying to enlist fellow Pashtun militia leaders to turn coat against the Taliban.
  8. In " Turn Coat ", Toot attacked a very large and powerful entity ( the Skinwalker ) in an attempt to protect Harry.
  9. In the events of " Turn Coat ", his dislike of Harry has even led to him developing nervous tics when Harry jokes around.
  10. In " Turn Coat ", it is confirmed that the Vampire Courts are just " catching their breath " in order to attack again.
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