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  1. In vivo testing of mice that developed murine colon carcinoma tumour cells.
  2. This is attributed to the drug-resistant selective advantage of the tumour cells.
  3. The 4003 oligonucleotides were introduced into the tumour cells by transfection.
  4. Polyploid tumour cells elicit paradiploid progeny through depolyploidizing divisions and regulated autophagic degradation.
  5. Drug administration in heterogeneic tumours will seldom kill all tumour cells.
  6. For example, tumour cells make N-linked glycans that are abnormal.
  7. Mitumomab attacks tumour cells, while the vaccine is thought to activate the immune system.
  8. The modified virus was also found to efficiently kill human glioblastoma tumour cell lines.
  9. Strengthened adhesions between tumour cells reduce the frequency of metastasis.
  10. The cells are then reinfused and produce an immune response against the tumour cells.

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