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trust money sentence in Hindi
न्यास धन

trust:    यक़ीन आशा
money:    धन धन-दौलत पैसा माल
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  1. He issues free Note Books to poor children from his trust Money.
  2. Many of his church members receive trust money but remain in debt.
  3. While Bankers Trust money managers were getting out, mutual fund investors were fleeing, too.
  4. Tribes have recently begun using aggressive measures to get control of that trust money.
  5. He trusts money left in Washington, D . C ., will be properly spent,
  6. McCain " trusts money left in Washington, D . C ., will be properly spent,"
  7. During Rayney's murder investigation, trust money anomalies in his 2 daughter's trust accounts were found.
  8. The bill is funded by highway trust money supplied by the 18.3-cents-per-gallon federal tax on gasoline.
  9. The market was also buoyed by the debut of new investment trust money from domestic institutions.
  10. State Sen . Ann Day, R-Tucson, proposes phasing trust money out of the education budget over several years.
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