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• सही पता
true:    ठीक तरीके से
address:    संबोधन बोलने का
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  1. Most hackers use proxies, intermediate servers that mask their true addresses.
  2. True address arithmetic is weird in C and C + +.
  3. Metal grating on ground floor windows is the only reminder of their true address.
  4. Proxy servers hide the true address of the client workstation and can also act as a firewall.
  5. Sozzi said nothing prevented residents from using their true addresses as long as they used the correct ZIP code.
  6. For example, one trick masks the address bar in the Web browser to conceal the true address of the site.
  7. The number of times is specified as a decimal number in address field B . This number is NOT a true address.
  8. That clump of numbers you just typed is Yahoo's " IP address, " the true address of the site as far as Internet computers are concerned.
  9. SpamMotel at www . spammotel . com is a free Web-based service that lets you give out an e-mail address that serves as an alias for your true address.
  10. In the better-known of these, a full-back from Michael Smith admitted he gave false information on his application for a permit to play with South, and his true address was in St Kilda s zone.
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