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  1. Words are generally monosyllabic or bisyllabic but less commonly are trisyllabic.
  2. According to their phonological behaviour, these are disyllabic words and not trisyllabic.
  3. For example, tense was and lax was at the time of trisyllabic laxing.
  4. Sanskrit meters are primarily based on trisyllabic feet.
  5. Although the discussed metre was theoretically fully iambic, he inserted many trisyllabic word into its lines:
  6. Tolkien invented the meter, which consists of trisyllabic assonances, three in each set of four lines.
  7. Most modern varieties of Chinese have the tendency to form new words through disyllabic, trisyllabic and tetra-character Jin.
  8. Rather, most bisyllabic words have initial stress, and trisyllabic and longer words usually have stress on the second syllable.
  9. The conclusion is drawn that di-and trisyllabic words with a short first syllable are stressed on the second syllable.
  10. The dental is preceded by an " a " in some verbs, causing the past tenses to become trisyllabic.

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