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  1. Trawl nets snag and tear superstructures and separate artifacts from their context.
  2. This selectivity is achieved by metal grids integrated into the trawl net structure.
  3. Main threats come from destruction of reefs by heavy deep-sea trawl nets, targeting grenadiers.
  4. They simply swim away from trawl nets, " he said.
  5. "Trawl nets are the squid's number one enemy.
  6. A trawler may also operate two or more trawl nets simultaneously ( double-rig and multi-rig ).
  7. The passage of roller-frame trawl nets does not harm grasses, but damages soft corals and sponges.
  8. She said commercial fishermen have claimed " bottom trawl nets don't touch the sea bottom ."
  9. He used modified otter trawl nets to greatly expand the catch and make use of deeper waters.
  10. Floating debris typically is sampled with a neuston or manta trawl net lined with 0.33 mm mesh.


  1. a conical fishnet dragged through the water at great depths

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