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  1. It was typically used to transfer cars between ( standard gauge ) and track.
  2. Wright was trying to walk away, but was shot as he tried to transfer cars, the police said.
  3. Specialist track components such as turntables, switches ( points ), point levers, mine transfer cars, temporary turnouts, easy turnouts, rerailing ramps, could all be found in the catalogues.
  4. They also built a wide variety of equipment for the steel industry including blast furnace transfer cars, scale cars, coke quench cars, coke quench locomotives ( to 75 tons ), furnace cars and self-propelled flatcars.
  5. For the transportation of very large volumes of molten metal, such as in steel mills, the ladle can run on wheels, a purpose-built ladle transfer car or be slung from an overhead crane and will be tilted using a second overhead lifting device.
  6. Though similar to " Mario Kart ", the game offers some unique gameplay features, such as a Story Mode ( similar to the rebooted " Need for Speed " series ), basic car and character customization, and the ability to transfer cars to and from Wii Remotes.
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