trade mark meaning in Hindi

trade mark sentence in Hindi

ट्रेड मार्क
व्यापार चिह्न
व्यापार-चिन्ह माका
व्यापार-चिह् न
trade:    व्यवसाय व्यापार
mark:    धब्बा छाप निशान
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  1. This shield was used as a trade mark by the Independent Producers.
  2. An image was also registered as a Guinness trade mark in 1876.
  3. In addition to this 10 trade mark applications have also been filed.
  4. IP Australia target young people with legal degrees for trade mark examiners.
  5. Other top-level domain names containing trade marks are registered for corporate use.
  6. The name is a trade mark from Astatic Corporation in Solon, Ohio.
  7. She studied Arts and Sciences for advertising prestigious brands and trade marks.
  8. The court upheld the rejection of the registration of the trade mark.
  9. Bristows advises L'Oreal in its ongoing trade mark infringement case against eBay.
  10. The latest Gucci bag sports a prominent trade mark equestrian bit.
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