tone deafness meaning in Hindi

tone deafness sentence in Hindi

• स्वन- बधिरता
• स्वर-बधिरता
tone:    सरगम के दो सुरों का
deafness:    बधिरता बहरापन
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  1. Tone deafness has a strong negative correlation with belonging to societies with tonal languages.
  2. On the campaign trail, it still could be difficult to combat Kerry's occasional political-tone deafness.
  3. That commitment has often been accompanied by Starr's apparent tone deafness in matters of public relations.
  4. Experienced musicians, such as W . A . Mathieu, have addressed tone deafness in adults as correctable with training.
  5. After defeating him in a dance-off, Bowser tells Toad and the player's character that he planned to use the Music Keys to fix his tone deafness.
  6. Having graduated with honors as a " performer and orchestra conductor " Vasyltsiv is yet frequently being criticised for tone deafness, lack of vocal abilities and composing talent.
  7. In the essay, Billroth identifies different types of amusicality ( tone deafness, rhythm-deafness and harmony-deafness ) that suggest some of the different cognitive skills involved in the perception of music.
  8. The production, too, is infused with a certain brio, yet there is a tone deafness when it comes to the emotional universe in which its characters are supposed to dwell.
  9. Due to tone deafness, Franz Boas encountered difficulties studying tonal languages such as Laguna; however, after he left, his student Elsie Clews Parsons stayed behind and documented Laguna language and stories.
  10. In nine out of ten people with tone deafness, the superior arcuate fasciculus in the right hemisphere could not be detected, suggesting a disconnection between the posterior superior temporal gyrus and the posterior inferior frontal gyrus.
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  1. an inability to distinguish differences in pitch

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