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  1. That may be true, but it's also defining the Spurs to a tee.
  2. I do believe it is following the NPOV game rules to a tee.
  3. Duke students that are annual tenters have the process down to a tee.
  4. They have followed Green's plan for peaking in the playoffs to a tee.
  5. Monday, Murphy and Burke played their respective roles to a tee.
  6. "You didn't want to be in a replay and miss Tiger walking to a tee,"
  7. "In Too Deep " ), captures to a tee.
  8. And that, says Rob Lichter, a Primary Source editor, describes Tufts conservatives to a tee.
  9. We should be following the IOC's medal count pages and their conventions to a tee.
  10. Doesn't that just fit your description to a tee?
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